CNBC's Phil LeBeau Owns Meek Fox Business Reporter

CNBC auto industry reporter Phil LeBeau's job is to try to explain simple concepts to Mike Barnicle, so he's got a lot of pent up frustration. It explains why he so brilliantly scrum fucks this Fox Business Network reporter. » 4/26/10 12:30pm 4/26/10 12:30pm

Fox Business Network Explains Trucker Bombs

If you don't know, a trucker bomb is... well... let's just let Fox Business Network explain. Bottom line: you don't want to be around when one explodes. [FBN] » 7/10/09 4:40pm 7/10/09 4:40pm

Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: 2012! 2012! 2012!

With news that GM may be halting new truck development, our good friends at the Fox Business Network just had to have us back, which means another episode of the official car pundit drinking game. We get more name love (drink) from Stuart Varney and even argue a bit with the lovely Tracy Byrnes. Though she doesn't… » 6/19/08 4:40pm 6/19/08 4:40pm

Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: Luxury Cars And WTF Is High-Test…

For those of you who don't get Fox Business Network but do like to drink in the middle of the day, we've pulled down the video of Hardigree rapping about fuel prices and luxury cars. You can just see him start to have a stroke as Stuart Varney starts asking about "High-Test" instead of premium fuel. We're going to add… » 6/09/08 4:00pm 6/09/08 4:00pm