2008 Smart ForTwo IIHS Crash Test Results In, Little Tyke Did "Good"

Although we've already seen the NHTSA crash tests and the leaked IIHS test video, the official Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) crash test results are finally in for the 2008 Smart ForTwo. It turns out the little bugger did pretty well. IIHS awarded the micro-machine its highest rating of "Good" for front… » 5/14/08 12:01am 5/14/08 12:01am

Smartuki Is Donut Spinning Super ForTwo

Yes, we've seen the Smart ForTwo with the GSXR1000 motor dubbed the Smartuki before, but this is the first time we've seen it doing its thing in truly heroic style. With the engine mounted where the passenger used to be, the low center of gravity and rear wheel drive combine with the 160 HP Suzuki mill to provide… » 5/08/08 1:20pm 5/08/08 1:20pm

Take A Look Inside A Chinese Smart FourTwo Cloning Factory

We make jokes all the time about the Chinese propensity to clone all manner of automobile, but actually seeing the process makes things a bit more real. You forget there are people behind those cars, working in god-knows-what condition, and exposed to whatever chemicals seem necessary for the job. This is a set of… » 3/24/08 5:05pm 3/24/08 5:05pm

Smart To America: Why Not Drive 18-Wheelers?

OK, not really. But in this Newsweek interview with Smart USA President David C. Schembri, he smartly responds to the timeworn, "isn't bigger safer?" with, "The logical conclusion to that question is that we should all be driving locomotives or 18-wheelers." And good for him. Anyhow, it's a playful interview… » 9/19/07 10:30am 9/19/07 10:30am

Iron Chef, Detroit Auto Show Edition: Battle of the Cutaway Displays

Use to be, carmakers would run an early prototype through the largest bandsaw they could find, file down the sharp edges and call it a cutaway. But like anything else, competition for consumers' eyes has forced display creators to be ever more clever, escalating the state of the art. I'm not afraid to say the trend… » 1/15/07 10:30am 1/15/07 10:30am

Frankfurt Premiere: Smart Crosstown Concept

DaimlerChrysler's ailing Smart (sorry, oh most clever of marketing flacks, I mean smart) introduced a novel concept in Frankfurt today — the Crosstown, which appears to be a rugged version of the company's Fortwo coupe. As a design study, it aims to build on the Humpty-Dumpty-modern shapes and forms for which the… » 9/12/05 1:39pm 9/12/05 1:39pm