Crazy Czechs Build Tatra V8-Powered Trabant Drift Car, Will Sell It To You!

Since I've been helping BobAsh »11/21/08 12:00pm11/21/08 12:00pm obtain American cars to ship to the Czech Republic, he's helping me find a nice Hell Project I can bring over here. Here's a car I considered buying- it's priced at the equivalent of $1,500- but then I realized that the California DMV would most likely have me clapped in irons the…

Longer, Higher, Wider, Lower: Swede Driven Mad By Sunless Winter, Builds 6-Wheeled Volvo Masterpiece!

Some Swedes cope with the sunless Scandinavian winters in the sanest way possible: pounding caffeine and/or alcohol by the hogshead. Others, however, crunch through the snow out to the shed and fire up the cutting torch, which is then used to create works of genius such as this 1980 Volvo wagon, equipped with what… »8/22/08 8:00am8/22/08 8:00am

Audi, Lancia, or Ford: Which Hoonworthy Vintage Race Machine Would You Buy?

SoNaive was shopping for a project Ford RS200- yeah, might as well aim high- and found these three 80s race cars, any one of which is capable of sending the entire Jalopnik staff into paroxysms of longing that threaten to shut down all operations for the rest of the week. So, it's Monday, you're hunkering down for a… »8/11/08 2:45pm8/11/08 2:45pm

So Many Hell Projects, Your Head Will Explode: Bring A Trailer!

We didn't think it was necessary to post on, since so many of our regular readers seem to be obsessive visitors to that site, but it has come to our attention that some of you may not know about the ultimate online resource for locating Hell Projects (and not-so-hellish ones as well). For you BAT… »7/01/08 9:20am7/01/08 9:20am

Imagine The Possibilities: Dragon-Equipped Nissan Presidentamino!

The Japanese tradition of installing a big temple-like structure on a Caminoized sedan to make a hearse makes total sense to us, but wouldn't it be great to have an '89 Nissan Presidentamino with the rare and coveted Dragon Hearse option to use as your daily driver? Look at this thing! It is to regular hearses as a … »6/04/08 8:00am6/04/08 8:00am