Jim Rockford Warned Us About Google And Facebook Back In 1978

Why didn't we listen? The fourth season of The Rockford Files, arguably the greatest television show of all time, features a "futuristic" storyline about a terrible threat. What if a private corporation used computers to gather personal information on hundreds of millions of Americans? Could we trust them with that… » 1/23/15 3:05pm 1/23/15 3:05pm

Here's What It Looks Like To Accidentally Flip Your Dirtbike While…

We don't have a lot of information on this video, other than that it stars someone named "Junior" who pulls a wheelie while riding his Yamaha YZ450F with some buddies and accidentally flips his bike all the way around. "New tires" are blamed, and the GOPRO camera catches everything—including Junior's pained reaction… » 2/14/12 12:30pm 2/14/12 12:30pm

Is Transformers: Headmasters more ridiculous than the Michael Bay…

Michael Bay is known for going totally pee-on-your-head crazy with the Transformers movies. But could it be that the most batshit insane Transformers stories were already told, a quarter century ago? » 7/02/11 11:01pm 7/02/11 11:01pm

The improbable life of Stan Bush's "The Touch"

This cheeseball rock anthem first came to prominence as the "theme" of the 1986 Transformers animated movie. Since then, it's managed to crop up in the strangest of places — and seemingly refuses to die. » 7/04/10 12:58pm 7/04/10 12:58pm