Did a Ruthless Conspiracy Crush The Forward Control Jeep Van?

Why wasn't the Brooks Stevens-designed 1958 Forward Control Jeep ever mass-produced? Why? One glance at the prototype makes it obvious that it would have sold more than VW Transporters, Corvair Greenbriers, and Econolines put together! We can only assume that Powerful Forces conspired to keep total production to just… » 2/27/08 8:15am 2/27/08 8:15am

Flattery'll Get You Somewhere, A Jeepamino Will Get You Further

The Forward Control Jeeps were built from 1956 until 1964, which actually puts them ahead of the El Camino in the truckcar sweepstakes. Although it's debatable whether the FC is actually a true Camino, based as it was on a light-truck chassis rather than on a car frame or unibody, reader Mark's tale of how he went to… » 5/30/06 10:00pm 5/30/06 10:00pm