Smart ForTwo Passes Crash Despite Drivers Door Opening

Reuters is reporting the Smart ForTwo has passed the US Government crash tests with flying colors — despite the drivers side door unlatching in a side impact crash. We're not sure if this means policymakers have determined an increased probability of passenger ejection is a positive performance attribute, or if the… »4/04/08 2:40pm4/04/08 2:40pm


BRABUS SLR McLaren Roadster, Matching Smart ULTIMATE 112: Because Rich People Love Accessories

Like Turner and Hootch, Tango and Cash, Gary Busey and a bottle of scotch, Mercedes-tuner BRABUS has put together a winning pair for the Geneva Motor Show. This time it's a Mercedes SLR McLaren and a Smart Fortwo. The SLR McLaren gets a new white carbon fiber bodykit, 20-inch alloy wheels, special interior and an… »3/03/08 10:40am3/03/08 10:40am

Smart Presents New Art Project, American Apparel-esque Marketing Strategy

Because the Smart Fortwo is for the urban buyer, the company has sponsored an art project instead of a NASCAR team. Entitled "sideways. a smart art project," the project will include "work from the fields of photography, illustration, graphic design, painting, sculpture, architecture, styling, hairstyling and… »2/14/08 4:15pm2/14/08 4:15pm

Detroit Auto Show: Wee Rides that Puff Themselves Up

Small cars—wave of the future or grim throwback to the gaslines of the 1970s, just with cooler exteriors and cupholders? Plenty of lip service was paid to the treehugger obsessions of Generation fortwo at the Detroit Auto Show's Michelin Design Challenge. The brief? Create designs that are rinkydink, don't chug fuel,… »1/15/08 12:15pm1/15/08 12:15pm

Detroit Auto Show: Smart Unveils 58 MPG Stop-Start Hybrid

We don't have many details as Wes, our intrepid road trip warrior, doesn't have internet access on the floor at the moment, but we've just been told Smart has unveiled a micro-hybrid drive with stop-start technology. It cuts the engine below 5mph when braking and it gets 58 MPG. We'll have more from the Detroit Auto… »1/13/08 12:13pm1/13/08 12:13pm

Smart Fortwo with Stop-Start Coming; EV, Hybrids Concepts Get Earthy

What's smaller than a Maytag and runs on a gas-electric hybrid powertrain? If you answered Tom Cruise, give yourself an air punch. If you answered the Smart Fortwo, jump up on the couch and declare your love for someone half your age in an awkward display of borderline sociopathy. But we kid the Smart Fortwo. And in… »7/09/07 12:29pm7/09/07 12:29pm

You Could Even Say it Glows: Phosphorescent Smart Art Project

Don't adjust your rods and cones, this Smart Fortwo really is actually glowing like dandruff particles in a blacklit nightclub. It's part of an art project headed by Katharina Sieverding, whose large-scale self-portraits from the early 1970s convinced artsy types that photographs could succeed as legitimate… »1/22/07 11:04am1/22/07 11:04am

A Jalopnik Contemplates Europe: Car-Related Ramblings from the Depths of Jet Lag

England is car hell. Let's forget about the expensively obvious for a moment (insane taxes, equally insane gas prices, doubly insane speed cameras on every corner and under your bed) and the plain daf (Clarkson thinks the Jaguar XK is cooler than the upcoming Dodge Challenger) and look at the cars themselves. They… »1/04/07 11:05am1/04/07 11:05am

Detroit Auto Show Preview: The Smart Cars Are Coming...Still

Despite already being the recipient of an announcement they'll be coming in 2008 (back in June) and an announcement detailing what they'll look like (back last month) — the folks at the German-American hybrid have decided the 2006 Detroit Auto Show's the place to complete the immortal announcement trilogy of the… »12/20/06 1:33pm12/20/06 1:33pm