How To Get (Almost) Decapitated In A Formula Car

Formula Ford is like other formula race series, with tight racing, open wheels, and open cockpits. Here's how to nearly get decapitated in one. » 7/11/14 4:10pm 7/11/14 4:10pm

Hilarious Racing Crash Sends Car Flying

The way this Formula Ford leaps into the air is one thing, but there's something better in this little video. Just look at the rear suspension wildly bouncing around. It's the funniest racing crash I've seen in ages. » 12/13/13 4:40pm 12/13/13 4:40pm

The Ultimate Racing Car For The Road Is Great On The Nürburgring

A street-legal Formula Ford racecar? Indeed, someone must have gotten into the root cellar and sampled the mushrooms. And yet, here it is: a single-seat racecar, born from a long, epic motorsport history, you can drive straight to Taco Bell. » 6/05/13 5:15pm 6/05/13 5:15pm

Ford Introduces 1.6L Duratec Race Engine, Restarts Kent Production

Ford Racing has announced plans to produce a new race version of the 1.6L Duratec for use in Formula Ford series as well as their plan to reproduce the legendary Kent engine; a 50-year-old design much-loved in racing circles. » 10/16/09 1:00pm 10/16/09 1:00pm