I Went To Formula 3 Driving School And It Was Terrifying And Amazing

I gave the brakes a light squeeze as I hit the bottom of the hill, and then pinned it as I aimed for the apex of turn three. As I progressed throughout the day my pace quickened, but this time it was a little too fast, when suddenly the back end of the car was passing the front and I was spinning in a $120,000 cloud… »11/06/15 2:07pm11/06/15 2:07pm


Meet The Speed Sisters, Palestinian Race Car Drivers Intent On Winning

Pictured above is Noor Daoud. She was born in Texas, likes fast cars, but also was on an Olympic swim team and on the Palestinian national soccer team. Right now, though, she's focused on racing Formula 3. According to reports, Daoud is the first Palestinian, male or female, to participate in and win an Israeli race.… »1/13/12 3:15pm1/13/12 3:15pm

F1 Champ Sebastian Vettel raced for me when he was 17

A year before he became BMW’s test driver in Formula One, Sebastian Vettel raced for the Spanish team Racing Engineering in the Spanish Formula 3 Championship. Team owner Alfonso de Orleans-Borbón has recalled for us meeting the young man who would become Formula One’s youngest world champion. – Ed. »12/06/11 4:00pm12/06/11 4:00pm

Sir Jack Stole the Clutch! Brabham-Daf Formula 3 Car!

Who knew that DAF campaigned a Formula 3 car back in the 1960s? The first car was an Alexis chassis, a Cosworth mill and of course, the Variomatic transmission. It was mildly successful, managing a 7th-place finish at Monaco in '65. At that point Brabham entered the picture and Brit Mike Beckwith managed two wins in… »3/16/07 11:45pm3/16/07 11:45pm