This Is The Most American Lamborghini Ever Built

They only made 31 Diablo SV-Rs in 1996. It was the first Lamborghini officially built for racing purposes, and only a few were converted for the road, including this car. It's not just patriotic, it wears the Stars and Stripes because it was the only American entry into the Lamborghini Supertrophy Series. » 10/09/13 1:50pm 10/09/13 1:50pm

This Jaguar Graveyard Is Hauntingly Beautiful

When I was younger (and arguably less intelligent) my friends and I dabbled in a bit of ‘urban exploring’ to supplement our automotive thrills. We’d track down old abandon buildings in the post-industrial decay of metropolitan St. Louis and venture around the properties. What we never found, though, was a legitimate… » 5/21/13 2:00pm 5/21/13 2:00pm

This Is The Small Car Rolls-Royce Never Made

When you hear the words "Rolls-Royce Myth" chances are you imagine stories of engineers flown out to remote deserts to effect repairs on Rollers before their wealthy owners' caviar-cones melt, or perhaps tales of the fairy genocide that was the result of the systematic capture and metal-casting of fairies to make… » 1/22/13 3:20pm 1/22/13 3:20pm