Detroit Auto Show: Ford Verve North American Version Live

Last night we showed you the Ford Verve for America, because we didn't want to sleep anyways. When they released the Verve from its hiding place it was all we could do to not get sucked into the unnecessarily huge grille. When you get the full 360 degrees you'll appreciate the athletic stance (certainly enhanced by… »1/13/08 11:15am1/13/08 11:15am


Guangzhou International Auto Show: Ford Reveals Verve Sedan Concept

The Guangzhou International Auto Show is a Fiesta for small cars from Ford, highlighted by the introduction of the Ford Verve Concept sedan (actually, a four-door notchback) to compliment the Verve Concept hatch shown at Frankfurt. This vehicles shows off the bold move Ford is making towards bold mouths globally,… »11/19/07 12:45pm11/19/07 12:45pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: Ford Verve Concept Reveals Design Future Of Ford Fiesta

As we told you just a short while ago, we're live at the Ford press reveal. And yes Ford fanboys n' girls, this is the Verve concept car, revealed today at the Frankfurt Auto Show. It's a new conceptually Bold Move from the brand that's known for using the phrase — sometimes even every day. But what's most important… »9/11/07 7:28am9/11/07 7:28am