2010 Shelby GT500: Rendered Not-So-Much-Speculatively

Now that we've taken a crack at rendering the 2010 Ford Mustang »9/09/08 4:00pm9/09/08 4:00pm thanks to , we thought we'd take a crack at a 'stang with a bit more power. Enter a car we've already seen in spy photos, but now get to see the full car in beautifully rendered speculation — the . Our sources tell us that not only should we expect to see…

KITT's Turbo Boost Is Back For New Knight Rider Series

It's official — "Turbo Boost" is back for KITT. One of the biggest disappointments in the Knight Rider made-for-TV movie was the total lack of KITT's signature, once-per-show super-move — turbo-boost. After getting the green light for series production, the new Knight Rider series has already calmed our fears the… »7/18/08 8:40am7/18/08 8:40am