'57 Ford Ranchero Custom Takin' A Break From The Cruise

The Woodward Dream Cruise » 8/16/08 2:00pm 8/16/08 2:00pm can be tough on an old car — stop-and-go traffic for miles, overzealous and crowd-pleasing engine revving, the oft-times brutal heat — so why not a stop to cool down at Micky-D's? The owner tells us he and his wife tore the little truck apart about eight years ago and totally renovated it.…

A Very Jalopnik Craigslist Posting

Nothing says Jalopnik like the following Craigslist car ad, and not just because they follow our Craigslist Posting Guidelines. First, you've got a gold 1981 280zx, with T-Tops. Second, all sorts of work has been done to keep this car going. Third, the owner refers to the car as a "her." Fourth, you've got the very… » 2/18/08 5:15pm 2/18/08 5:15pm