It Makes Sense That The Ford Explorer Is The Best-Selling Police Car

It's not a huge surprise Ford has kept most of the police car market even after the Crown Victoria was discontinued. But what looked like the heir apparent, the Taurus in a police uniform, is being outsold by the Ford Explorer-based Police Interceptor Utility. America loves its SUVs. » 3/24/14 10:00pm 3/24/14 10:00pm

Ford Police Interceptor Utility: Not Just For Robocop's Mom

The Ford Police Interceptor Utility, the Blue Oval's latest police-grade offering, starts with the 2011 Explorer, stuffs in the heavy-duty high-tech goodies from the Taurus Police Interceptor and adds a few more tricks. It's an Explorer built for a beating. » 9/01/10 12:00am 9/01/10 12:00am