Ford Issues Service Bulletin On 2011 Mustang GT For Clutch Problems

Ford has issued a technical service bulletin for six-speed manual-equipped 2011 Ford Mustang GTs built before 4/25/2010. Seems at high engine RPM, the clutch pedal might not return from the floor after a shift. Save the manuals? » 9/23/10 10:40am 9/23/10 10:40am

Ford Recalling 470,000 Mustangs - Muscle Car Wars Show Softer Side

Seems that Ford is going out of its way to make sure your Mustang riding, no seatbelt wearing kids won't get overly clobbered in an accident. Ford is recalling 470,000 Mustangs between 2005 and 2008 vintage to recalibrate the airbag deployment force. Seems through internal testing, Ford has determined the airbag may‚Ķ » 2/27/08 4:00pm 2/27/08 4:00pm