The Ford Mustang II Was A Minor Monstrosity

The Ford Mustang is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and that's a grand thing. As the announcer in this old ad tells you all about the competition, you can hear just how many marques its outlasted. And it might be because of the awful Mustang II. » 4/19/14 9:28am 4/19/14 9:28am

Why The Mustang II Doesn't Deserve All The Hate

Man, people sure do love hating on the Ford Mustang II, the malaise-era replacement for the icon that started the Pony Car genre. And you know what? This video convinced me that they're wrong. » 9/13/13 3:02pm 9/13/13 3:02pm

1976 Ford Mustang II Converted To Mid-Engined Nightmare

The never ending smörgåsbord of awesome and terrifying projects that is eBay Motors leads us to a steaming heap of horror today with this very uniquely modified 1976 Ford Mustang II. The poster child for the malaise era, this particular 2.3L terror began its transformation to a mid-engined beast way back in 1978 and… » 5/08/08 4:40pm 5/08/08 4:40pm