Will Ford's New GT Live Up To Its Predecessors? - AFTER/DRIVE

This week on AFTER/DRIVE, Zac and Mike join host Mike Spinelli to determine whether the new GT will be the raw, race-bred driving experience like our '66 GT40, or suffer from the driving nannies that plague so many modern supercars today. » 2/11/15 11:55am 2/11/15 11:55am

The Ford 24.7 Concept Car Predicted Apps Years Before Smartphones

Take a look at that dashboard: It's clearly presenting the driver with a selection of apps, each with a simple, readable icon. This isn't some 2015 future-mobile, though. It's the Ford 24.7 concept, a design exercise from January 2000—seven years before most folks came to know the concept of "apps." » 10/08/14 3:41pm 10/08/14 3:41pm

Ford restocks world's supply of old Ford photos, advertisements

Worried that Applebee's cornered the market on graven images of classic Ford vehicles? Fear not, for Ford will soon have 10,000 shots from its vast archives on Ford Images. Yet there's not a single photo of a Pinto yet. » 2/04/11 12:00am 2/04/11 12:00am

2009 Ford Fiesta Gets Cirque Du Soleil'd In Shanghai

Ford had quite the display in Shanghai. They dropped an '09 Fiesta from the roof, ecoBoosted a Flex, showed off a Euro-Focus racer, the kinetic-designed Iosis Max Concept and had flying, leather-clad booth professionals. Rowr! » 4/25/09 2:30pm 4/25/09 2:30pm

Map Of Every Domestic Automaker Manufacturing Site Reveals The Extent…

People say "Detroit" deserves to fail. Maybe, but as you can tell by the map below of every manufacturing facility from the domestic automakers, they'll take pretty much the entire Midwest with 'em. » 12/10/08 7:30pm 12/10/08 7:30pm

Ford's Mulally: This Is All Part Of Our Plan

Ford CEO Alan Mulally spoke with CNBC » 11/07/08 1:20pm 11/07/08 1:20pm's Phil LeBeau today following the automaker's announcement of and announced the company was ready to weather the storm and will continue to develop its product line — but would still love some o' that good ol' socialist government help. The message appears to be far cheerier than

Ford Announces $129M In Third Quarter Losses, Forecasts Job Cuts

Ford has announced third quarter losses of $129 million after pre-tax losses of a total of $2.7 billion. These results are an improvement from the company's $380 million loss » 11/07/08 8:30am 11/07/08 8:30am in the third quarter of last year. This news comes after a quarter ravaged by the twin problems of high gasoline prices and overall economic…

Kirk Kerkorian May Lose $670 Million On Ford Gamble

We wondered if Kirk Kerkorian » 10/21/08 3:30pm 10/21/08 3:30pm wasn't just a when he bought a after and unsuccessfully attempting to . News that he's now has some estimating that Kerkorian, who owns the primary stake in MGM Grand, lost upwards of $670 million on his gamble. The math below the jump. Kerkorian's company, Tracinda Corp., added…

Ford Picks Winners Of 21st Century Model T Competition

As part of the 100th anniversary of Ford's Model T » 10/14/08 6:30pm 10/14/08 6:30pm — happening right no, this very year, the Dearborn automaker announced a design contest among university students to create a Model T for the new century. The mandate: Design a simple, lightweight, practical vehicle that would be priced under $7,000. Six universities…

Volvo To Supplant V8s With Diesel Electric Hybrids By 2012

We've seen bits of evidence that Volvo's future powertrain » 10/07/08 10:20am 10/07/08 10:20am strategy will incorporate both , but now provides more detail on Volvo's evolving propulsion plans. Larger sedans and s will be targeted first, with their V8 engines replaced by a diesel five-cylinder engine powering the front wheels and an electric motor…

Mulally Says Ford Considering Ka For America

Remember how Ford used to claim the Ka » 10/06/08 4:45pm 10/06/08 4:45pm was too small for American tastes? Well, it appears American tastes have sufficiently downsized, and Ford CEO Alan Mulally, during an interview on a local Detroit radio show, said an Americanized Ka has quite a few supporters in the halls of the Dearborn automaker. For those not…

Ford Sales Drop 34% In September

Ford is reporting a 34% drop in sales from the same period a year earlier within its core Ford/Lincoln/Mercury brands. Total sales were 116,734 for September 2008 versus over 175,361 during September 2007. The results make September the lowest sales month this year for Ford and the tenth consecutive month of declining… » 10/01/08 1:18pm 10/01/08 1:18pm

Bill Ford Sells One Million Shares Of Ford Stock, Obviously Needs The…

Remember when Bill Ford Jr. played the hero as Ford CEO, declining a salary in favor of stock while the company was in the middle of its never-ending recovery? Well it seems Billy Jr. decided to cash in some of his chips the other day, to the tune of one million shares of good old "F." At a sale price between $5 and… » 9/23/08 11:20am 9/23/08 11:20am

Leaked Fields E-Mail: Ford To Reduce Salaried Costs by 15%, Two-Ply…

We've spent the morning checking out the leaked e-mail from Mark "Mullet" Fields to white-collar staff at Ford calling for another 15% reduction in costs associated with salaried work force. Yes, you heard that right — "costs associated with salaried work force." That doesn't mean a 15% cut in the salaried work force,… » 6/06/08 10:40am 6/06/08 10:40am

Tracinda To Expand Stake In Ford, Buy 20 Million More Shares

Kirk Kerkorian's Tracinda Corp is planning to add 20 million shares to its current pile of 100 million Ford Motor Company shares and is willing to pay $8.50 per share to do it. Trancinda made the announcement this morning to which Ford has responded with a "thanks for the vote of confidence" style statement. Seems… » 4/28/08 10:00am 4/28/08 10:00am

Ford Sales Up For First Time in 12 Months, Mission Accomplished!

It's taken 12 months of steady declines (strategic withdrawals) before Mark Fields could claim a victory in sales, by selling 182,951 cars in November. That's a whopping 0.4% increase over November 2006. Most surprisingly, the refreshed and SYNC-ed Ford Focus realized growth of 18% compared with last year. Sales of… » 12/03/07 1:00pm 12/03/07 1:00pm

Report: Ford Considering Sale of Volvo

The Times UK reports Ford Motor Company is indeed pondering the sale of Volvo, further chipping away at the legacy of former boss Jacques "Jac the Knife" Nasser. (The Associated Press assigns a detail-free, "no comment" quote to a Ford spokesman.) Analysts value the Swedes at about $8 billion — 20 percent more than… » 7/15/07 2:38pm 7/15/07 2:38pm

At Last! Hawaii Five-O Complete First Season on DVD

Fans of black Ford sedans, unisex hair styles, scenic Pacific vistas, and cheesy dialog, will be ecstatic to hear that the entire 1968 first season of television's finest Hawaiian cop drama is at long last available on DVD. While this news was first reported months ago, getting the discs onto the shelves was evidently… » 3/09/07 1:30pm 3/09/07 1:30pm