Finally A School That Teaches How To Drive World's Most Impossible Car

The Ford Model T is renowned for many things, including the fact that it was incredibly mass-produced. One of its great mysteries, though, is why so many bought the things when it's so hard to drive. Thankfully, a museum has started offering classes on how to operate the conundrum that is the Model T. »12/29/13 11:17am12/29/13 11:17am

Set Of Boardwalk Empire In W'burg Has A Stealthy Model T On It

Last time I came across a truly surprising automobile in Brooklyn it was a glimpse of the future in the form of not one Tesla Model S, but two. Tonight it's straight back in time; a Ford older than nearly all living humans sitting alone under the Williamsburg bridge tonight. This Model T is on Bedford Avenue,… »6/11/13 7:55am6/11/13 7:55am

1928 Issue Of Modern Mechanics Recommends Uses For Old Ford Model T's

Here's a fascinating article from the November 1928 edition of Modern Mechanics »10/22/08 3:00pm10/22/08 3:00pm suggesting ways to reuse that old now that you've moved up to a fancy-pants new Model A. Instead of dumping the Lizzie in a back country woods somewhere or letting it rust behind your house, why not reuse the engine as a powerplant for a…

Ford Picks Winners Of 21st Century Model T Competition

As part of the 100th anniversary of Ford's Model T »10/14/08 6:30pm10/14/08 6:30pm — happening right no, this very year, the Dearborn automaker announced a design contest among university students to create a Model T for the new century. The mandate: Design a simple, lightweight, practical vehicle that would be priced under $7,000. Six universities…

Trio Of New Hampshire Survivors Spans Seven Decades, Three Continents Of Car History

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than Island That Rust Forgot. FuzzyPlushroom has sent us photos of a sort of Detroit-Trollhättan-Tokyo combo platter that he captured in his home state of New Hampshire. Jump, you, to see the entire… »7/23/08 2:40pm7/23/08 2:40pm