Mustang Aussie: Ford To Focus On The Falcon, Not So Much Mercury

We hear this AM that Ford's taking a page directly from GM's Aussie-loving playbook. Bryce Hoffman of the Detroit News, who's never met a job he couldn't hand-le when it comes to Ford, is reporting they're looking at bringing the rear-wheel-drive Falcon platform up from down under to provide the basis for the next… »3/24/08 8:15am3/24/08 8:15am

Ford Bringing Back RWD Platform, Platform Shoes To Remain Obsolete

Follow the logic here. The intrepid reporters over at AutoWeek are reporting that Ford is developing a new RWD platform for Lincoln and Ford. Derrick Kuzak, head of Ford global product, confirmed that modern RWD cars were in the picture, saying "Yes, we're working on a rear-wheel-drive plan for the enterprise." With… »1/09/08 3:30pm1/09/08 3:30pm