Ma Bell's Thugs Tour Oakland In a '79 Ford Granada: The Phone Police

We saw a few outtakes from my deservedly brief stint as a filmmaker last week, and now I've dug up a 25-year-old VHS tape of the crypto-car-centric 1984 epic The Phone Police. » 12/13/09 4:00pm 12/13/09 4:00pm

Spirit Of Billetproof Captured Perfectly: The Granada Rod!

Out of all the old Fords at the Billetproof Nor-Cal show, this one may have been our very favorite (yes, even beating out the undeniably awesome Maserati-powered Ford » 9/22/08 3:15pm 9/22/08 3:15pm). Why? It's really a Its creator had a bare, beat-to-hell shell sitting on one side of the garage… and a $100 '79 Ford Granada sitting on the other…