How Did Anyone Walk Away From This Massive Rally Crash?

Somehow Nicolás Díaz and his co-driver were able to walk away from the wreckage of their Ford Fiesta rally car at last weekend's Rally de Catamarca. How the hell did they survive? » 6/18/12 3:00pm 6/18/12 3:00pm

Ken Block Goes About Daily Life Driving Fiesta Rally Car

This is supposed to be a funny commercial about Ken Block daily-driving his Fiesta rally car, but we see nothing out of the ordinary here. Doesn't everyone power slide out of the driveway while tossing the garbage to the corner? » 8/04/10 9:30am 8/04/10 9:30am

M-Sport Unveils Ford Fiesta S2000 For Global Rally Efforts

Rally crafters M-Sport have unveiled their newest blue oval effort, the Ford Fiesta S2000 Rally Car, a fully caged, 280HP all-wheel-drive racing machine. The little car will serve as Ford's first global platform rally car. » 11/20/09 8:30am 11/20/09 8:30am