A man and his beater tattoo

Joe Garden's 1992 Ford Festiva has tried to save him from disastrous relationships using its automatic seatbelts. It has schlepped stuff and friends around. It can do reverse donuts on gravel. It's kind of a piece of crap. » 5/30/14 2:18pm 5/30/14 2:18pm

Ranchestivo Carts Clowns, Costs $3,800!

Some people drive inordinately large vehicles in order to compensate for shortcomings below the waist. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a customized Ford that will let everybody know that your name could easily be Hugh Johnson. » 3/15/10 8:00am 3/15/10 8:00am

Should A Ford Festiva Be Considered Terrible Enough To Win Index Of…

We've got something of a dilemma here at 24 Hours Of LeMons HQ: at this moment, a 1988 Ford Festiva is defying the odds and sitting at 29th place (out of 126). » 10/25/09 1:30pm 10/25/09 1:30pm

Nine Great Bare-Necessity-Mobiles

Yesterday, GM announced a return to basics. That's good because sometimes, mobility alone is all we can afford. Few bare-bones cars had something making them more than basic transportation. Some, starting with the Model T, did. Here's our favorites. » 8/12/09 1:00pm 8/12/09 1:00pm

Insufficiently Festive Festiva Doomed To Crusher By Québécois…

When you're inspecting cars fresh off the line, what do you look for? Well, if you're working at the Van Nuys plant building third-gen Camaros… well, no need to go there, eh? » 3/21/09 11:00am 3/21/09 11:00am

V8 Ford Festiva, Now With Video

Everyone seemed to like the Ford Festiva powered by a rear mounted Chevy V8 driving the front wheels. So here's the video. As expected, it features such knockout classics as front wheel reverse donuts and the ever- popular chocked wheel burnout till tire explosion. Just to spice things up, cabin smoke choking driver » 2/12/08 4:15pm 2/12/08 4:15pm

V8 Powered Ford Festiva Torque Steers Itself Into Our Hearts

Most sane people who would consider swapping a V8 into Ford Festiva (an admittedly small subset) would make the switch to rear wheel drive. If you're going to do all that work, you might as well make it right wheel drive. One would also imagine such a swap would stay in the family, a Ford engine for a Ford Car, GM for… » 2/11/08 4:45pm 2/11/08 4:45pm