Ford Cabela's, Harley-Davidson Edition Super Duty Trucks Officially Official

We told you about the Cabela's Edition Super Duty »9/25/08 10:20am9/25/08 10:20am and pickups from Ford, and now we have official press shots straight out of Dearborn. The Cabela's special edition will feature two-tone paint, special running boards, mud flaps and the all-important Cabela's badge to prove you eat your road kill. Low-key cycle… Saves The World In A Ford F-450 Super Duty

We felt like driving the gigantic 2008 Ford F-350 FX4 was a challenge, but goes one further and pilots the almost scary-big 2008 Ford F-450 Super Duty. Unlike us, they were on a mission to save animals and impress a woman. Some women are moved by sleek red exotics, but others need to move 4,500 pounds… »4/01/08 9:45am4/01/08 9:45am