Ford Recalls About 1.4 Million Cars, Mostly For Power Steering Issues

There were four recalls from Ford today, including two big ones affecting 1.1 million SUVs sold in North America. The trouble for Escape, Explorer and Mercury Mariner owners is a power steering system that could fail. » 5/29/14 2:14pm 5/29/14 2:14pm

Almost 400,000 Ford Escape SUVs Recalled Over Rust

Remember the fun-sized first generation Ford Escape? If you're still riding around in one you might want to give it a once-over, Ford just just issued a recall for some 385,760 2001 to 2004 Escapes over a "rust issue" that could cause components of the SUV to come apart and "affect the ability to steer." » 4/07/14 6:59pm 4/07/14 6:59pm

Ford Recalls Ford Escape For Sixth Time In 18 Months Over Fire Risk

Ford has a problem child and its name is 'Escape with 1.6-liter Ecoboost.' The automaker announced today it's issuing two more recalls to stop fire risks that have been plaguing the vehicle since its 2012 redesign, bringing the total to six recalls for the popular crossover. » 11/26/13 12:00pm 11/26/13 12:00pm

Let's Settle The Winter Tires VS. All-Wheel Drive Debate Forever

I hear it all the time, living on the East Coast: "Well, I need an all-wheel drive car because it rains and snows sometimes." But those in the know are well aware that the right kind of rubber is really more important than anything else. » 11/11/13 4:20pm 11/11/13 4:20pm

Honda's Alluring New Civic Tourer Wagon Isn't For You

This is The Morning Shift, our one-stop daily roundup of all the auto news that's actually important — all in one place at 9:00 AM. Or, you could spend all day waiting for other sites to parse it out to you one story at a time. Isn't your time more important? » 8/12/13 9:00am 8/12/13 9:00am

Can The Lincoln MKC Concept Set The Brand On Fire?

Our rollout of Detroit Auto Show reveals continues tonight with the Lincoln MKC Concept, which previews what is sure to be the brand's next small crossover SUV. (I needed to post this tonight because I know how passionate you all are about small crossover SUVs.) » 1/13/13 12:45am 1/13/13 12:45am

Watch The Ford Escape Try Its Hand At The Waltz

Everyday cars are getting better and better at driving themselves. What's the best use of this new technology? Dancing cars, of course! » 9/14/12 4:40pm 9/14/12 4:40pm

This Is How Not To Transport A Car

Calling a tow truck or flat bed isn't all that hard. For a nominal fee, they'll come to where you live and transport your car to your desired location. Easy peasy. » 8/29/12 2:00pm 8/29/12 2:00pm

Some 2013 Ford Escapes Might Have Fiery Fuel Leaks

Ford's telling 2013 Escape 1.6-liter owners to stop driving their cars due to a possible fuel leak. Escape owners not wanting to experience fiery death can get a loaner. It's the second new Escape recall, and third recent Escape recall. » 7/19/12 9:15am 7/19/12 9:15am

Ford Sells All The Escapes!

People seem to like the 2013 Ford Escape as much as we did, with Ford selling a record 28,500 of them (PDF) in June. It's even more popular than the outgoing model. Fiesta/Focus sales were both down. » 7/03/12 9:45am 7/03/12 9:45am

The Yankees Are Offering Fans An Opportunity To Win This Really Ugly Car

If you've been watching the NBA Finals in the New York City area, you've probably seen a commercial that's been terrifying Yankee fans and non-Yankee fans alike. The ad shows various people living their various lives, surrounded by various items adorned with that familiar Yankees logo and pinstripes. Because the… » 6/15/12 2:59pm 6/15/12 2:59pm

2013 Ford Escape: First Drive

The Ford Escape has always been the capable compact SUV you never really wanted, but was your go-to response to the question: "I don't off-road. I want an SUV. What should I buy?" The new 2013 Ford Escape is no longer an SUV, but it won't change the answer to that question. » 4/18/12 12:00pm 4/18/12 12:00pm

2013 Ford Escape: Your mom will love it

All those years spent pining for the Euro-only Ford Kuga crossover were not in vain for Ford has finely deigned us worthy with the Kuga-twin 2013 Ford Escape. Now we suddenly realize we never really wanted a crossover in the first place. Oh well. Our moms will buy them! » 11/16/11 8:03am 11/16/11 8:03am

Dr. Food Fails To Take Own Advice's sales pitch is "YOU deserve Optimal Nutrition, Real People ~ Real Food ~ Real Results." The good doctor also offers A "Bioelectrical Impedance Assessment." Wonder how orange grease and reheated meat product affect those results... [Imgur] » 9/21/10 3:00pm 9/21/10 3:00pm

Teen Carjackers Back Over Cop Car In Failed Ford Escape Escape

Three teens in the Maryland suburbs of Washington were trapped by a police officer after carjacking a Ford Escape. So the driver decided to try running over the officer's Crown Victoria in reverse. Physics sides with justice on this one. » 8/10/10 5:15pm 8/10/10 5:15pm

The 20 Cheapest Cars To Insure

The flipside of yesterday's 20 most expensive cars to insure in America list is today's list of the 20 least expensive cars to insure. Like saving money? Get ready to own a lame crossover or minivan. » 3/18/10 3:30pm 3/18/10 3:30pm

Ford Increases Production To Meet Clunker Demand

Ford will produce an additional 10,000 cars - mostly Escapes and Focuses - during Q3, 2009 to meet demand increased by Cash for Clunkers. Q4 production will also increase 33% year-on-year. [Automotive News Subs. Req.] » 8/13/09 12:00pm 8/13/09 12:00pm

Cash For Clunkers Program Actually Benefiting Truck, Crossover Sales

The NHTSA list of the most purchased cars under the Cash For Clunkers programs favors cars. But if you look at it by model, and not by trim, trucks and crossovers are the true winners. » 8/07/09 1:45pm 8/07/09 1:45pm

Top Ten Best Selling Cars: May 2009

Parsing the sales numbers from May, the boys at put together this month's list of the top ten best selling cars. They found lower gas prices increase U.S. sales of trucks and SUVs. America! Truck yeah! » 6/03/09 9:00am 6/03/09 9:00am