Ford Recalling Almost 40,000 Cars Fixed Wrong In Their Last Recall

Cops, old people, and anybody who rides in a taxi should know Ford is recalling 38,645 Crown Victorias, Mercury Grand Marquis', and Lincoln Town Cars because the last time they recalled those cars, they may or may not have done something "that could potentially result in a loss of steering." » 11/04/14 8:15pm 11/04/14 8:15pm

This New Jersey Crown Victoria Owner Was Arrested For Acting Like A Cop

We love police cruisers. They're big, fast, parts are plentiful, and they're usually pretty cheap used. But even though they're cool, using one to pretend you're a cop isn't. » 7/17/12 3:20pm 7/17/12 3:20pm

This Crown Vic's ready for the Zombie Apocalypse

Creative, bored, love cars and living in Rhode Island? Why not weld metal armor onto a Crown Vic cop car, then shoot a movie about post-apocalypse police forces trying to stem a tide of crazies? That's exactly what Jalopnik reader Josh Oakhurst did. Meet Chimera. » 12/19/11 4:00pm 12/19/11 4:00pm

Watch the sad last days of Ford's Crown Vic plant

In 1967, the first Ford Falcon came off the line at Ford's St. Thomas Assembly in Talbotville, Ontario. Here is video from two weeks ago of the plant's final days — as it builds the very last of Ford's venerable Crown Victoria sedans. » 9/27/11 2:00pm 9/27/11 2:00pm

The death of the Ford Crown Victoria is a sad day for America

Today, the Ford Crown Victoria, a slope-nosed metal box with an unquenchable thirst for gas built with manufacturing methods Henry Ford would have recognized, died after 32 years of production. Here's why its passing marks the sad end of a great American era. » 9/15/11 3:45pm 9/15/11 3:45pm

The last Ford Crown Victoria ever built

After 32 years in production, the last Ford Crown Victoria will roll off the assembly line today. It's a record that surpasses all other North American vehicles, including the Model T. Its final destination, however, isn't a museum in Detroit or a American collector. It's being sent to Saudi Arabia. » 9/15/11 1:30pm 9/15/11 1:30pm

Police hoard Crown Vic cop cars before Ford kills them

With the demise of the Ford Crown Victoria in a few short months, police departments around the nation are scrambling to find a replacement. Or, like the city of Austin, Texas, they're buying enough now to last five years. » 4/19/11 3:30pm 4/19/11 3:30pm

Watch a Ford Crown Victoria get trail-rated

Ford's Panther platform will finally ride into the sunset this August after 32 years in production, but one Crown Victoria owner decided it was just old enough to take it off-roading at Hell's Revenge in Moab, Utah. Jeep who? » 3/30/11 1:00pm 3/30/11 1:00pm

Bank Advertising Mortgages With Beverly Hillbillies-Style Cars

Canadian Bank ATB's marketing cheap mortgages to passers-by with cars — like this Mercury Grand Marquis — piled high Jed Clampett-style with household detritus. Pack up the Tin Lizzie, ma! » 7/06/10 10:30am 7/06/10 10:30am

5-0 In A 5.0: A History Of Ford Police Vehicles

The 2012 Ford Police Interceptor unveiled today is the latest in a long line of Ford squad cars. Here's why the sight of even a civilian Crown Vic now induces Pavlovian application of brakes in all motorists. » 3/12/10 12:00pm 3/12/10 12:00pm

This Is Why People Think Some Cops Are Asshats

An anonymous tipster snapped this Virginia Beach police cruiser blocking both handicapped spaces at an IHOP while the officer chatted up the staff for over an hour. He didn't even eat. This is why people think some cops are asshats. » 1/28/10 2:00pm 1/28/10 2:00pm

LeMons Torture Test Results: Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Based on anecdotal evidence, we assumed that the P71 Crown Vic would be one of the top five most reliable LeMons cars, because that 4.6 Modular engine never breaks, but in fact it came in 13th place out of 38. » 1/17/10 10:00pm 1/17/10 10:00pm

Crown Victoria Power Window Regulator Replacement #8, or: How Detroit…

A couple weeks ago, when I debuted the Ghost Ride The Whip Box at the '09 Arse Freeze-a-Palooza LeMons, I decided I needed to roll my Crown Vic's balky driver's window down all the way… and heard a terrible CLUNK! » 12/06/09 7:30pm 12/06/09 7:30pm

Hello, Officer: Ford Announces New Police Interceptor For 2011

Before you ask, no, this isn't it. But an all-new Interceptor is set to replace the old-and-busted Crown Vic, and it's likely to be rear-wheel drive. Get in the car, perp. » 11/13/09 12:30pm 11/13/09 12:30pm

Ford To Phase Out Crown Vic By 2011, Future Unclear

Ford today confirmed plans to phase out production of its still-popular-after-10-years-on-one-revision police car, the Crown Victoria, in 2011, at a plant in Ontario. The future of the no-longer-unsafe-at-any-speed four door remains unclear. » 8/28/09 5:20pm 8/28/09 5:20pm

Dust Flies, Metal Bends On The Reno-Fernley Track

It always takes a couple of weeks for most LeMons in-car videos to appear, no doubt due to the exhaustion of everyone involved, but we've got a few wipeout-packed minutes for you here. » 5/30/09 1:30pm 5/30/09 1:30pm

Depeche Mode "Wrong" Music Video Has Right Taste In Cars

We're so used to seeing donked Gallardos in music videos now, we were convinced the video for Depeche Mode's "Wrong" couldn't be the right one. It is, and it's full of cool cars. » 3/04/09 1:30pm 3/04/09 1:30pm