Ford Reports 26% Sales Decline In August, SUVs Down 53%

Ford is reporting August US sales of its Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brands are down 26% over the same period a year earlier, mainly due to continuing weakness in truck and SUV sales. While trucks are off 39%, the really breathtaking number is the 53% decline in SUV sales — despite the fact that Ford is touting a 17%… »9/03/08 1:15pm9/03/08 1:15pm


Volkswagen Tops Ford In Global Sales For First Half Of 2008, Shouts "We're Number Three!"

Volkswagen »8/28/08 3:40pm8/28/08 3:40pm put out a horn-tooting presser today touting their delivery of 3.31 million vehicle worldwide in the first half of 2008, versus Ford's 3.22 million sales. Those figures mark the first time ever that the kids in Wolfsburg have cracked the top three worldwide in sales, and VW is gleefully rubbing it in…