Man Sues Ford After Getting Fired For Publishing Homophobic Rant

Ford, like most American car companies, is known for being pretty progressive. It's so progressive, in fact, that it was rated one of the best places to work in 2015 by the Human Rights Campaign. And working in such a place got one guy so upset, he vomited out a disgusting, hate-filled rant for which he was allegedly… » 1/29/15 10:10am Thursday 10:10am

Fox-body enforcer: Driving the very first police-spec Mustang

If you lived through the '80s and '90s, you know there was no escaping the legend of the SSP Mustang. Maybe your uncle had his doors blown off by a Florida State Trooper in a five-liter, or your dad got popped in his Porsche by the California Highway Patrol in a four-eye. Spotting one lurking in the in the tall weeds… » 1/28/15 2:17pm Wednesday 2:17pm

Here's How Much It Costs To Fix Dents On The Aluminum 2015 Ford F-150

Yesterday gave their pristine 2015 Ford F-150 some enthusiastic thwacks with a sledgehammer, putting two dimples in the quarter panel and cracking the taillight. Today they got the bill, and they're saying it cost four times as much to repair the aluminum bed versus old-school steel. » 1/27/15 1:46pm Tuesday 1:46pm

Ken Block's Snow-Slaying Off-Road RaptorTRAX Looks Even Cooler Up Close

Ken Block was lucky enough to have been given an F-150 Raptor as a gift from Ford, and what'd he do with it? Hack the thing up into an unholy frankentruck with a supercharged heart and claws of a snowcat. Here's our first closeup look at the insane rig while it's standing still. » 1/22/15 5:03pm 1/22/15 5:03pm

Ford CEO Thinks They're 'Cool Enough' To Compete With Apple And Google

When Ford opened up its first Silicon Valley research center in 2012, it was late to the game. Nearly every major automaker had been in the area for years, with BMW and Mercedes staking a claim in the '90s. Now Ford is getting serious, with a new facility and a 125-person team working right down the road from Stanford. » 1/22/15 1:55pm 1/22/15 1:55pm

The New Ford Raptor Is Great And All But What The Hell Is This?

Hey there, Ford. Great new Raptor you've got there. I like it, I really do. Haven't even driven it yet and I love it love it love it. But it's got a really serious problem in its design, and someone needs to say something before this goes any further. Yeah, I'm talking about that junk on the trunk. » 1/13/15 10:00pm 1/13/15 10:00pm