Man's Friends Secretly Restore His Wrecked SVT Focus And Your Faith In Humanity

Not everyone is an asshole. Sometimes, that’s a tricky thing to remember, but it’s quite true. In fact, many people are the exact opposite of assholes, whatever you call that. A mouth? It doesn’t matter. There’s so many of these non-assholes in the story of this man’s SVT Focus that you’ll get the idea. »Wednesday 1:24pm11/25/15 1:24pm


Ford Creates 'Drugged Driving Suit' That Makes It Difficult To Drive, Catch Exercise Balls

Driving while drugged probably isn’t the best idea, but the people who do it are probably too, ehem, preoccupied at the time to be able to tell us how challenging it really is. In comes Ford, with some new technology showing what it’s like to conduct a vehicle—and catch various balls—while under the influence of drugs. »Saturday 10:20am11/21/15 10:20am

Ford's UAW Contract Reveals A Ranger And Bronco Built In America

Like General Motors and Fiat Chrysler, the Ford Motor Company is working to hammer out a new contract with the United Auto Workers union. And today, when the details of that proposed contract became public, it included some interesting tidbits: namely the return of the Ford Ranger and a new Ford Bronco for the U.S. »11/09/15 2:51pm11/09/15 2:51pm

Dispatches from Tokyo: Porsche 962 for the street, Tomica Shop, and ahead by a Toyota Century

The Tokyo Motor Show is a wonderful event, although the best thing about it this year was once again the parking lot. However, if you can escape for a bit, you might find something interesting. Like 13 Toyota 2000GTs in a hidden warehouse. And other stuff too. »11/09/15 11:22am11/09/15 11:22am

Ford Is Offering An Optional Flux Capacitor When You Build A Focus Or Fiesta

If you go to Ford’s website today and then try to build-and-price a Focus or a Fiesta, you’ll notice that Ford is offering an pretty significant upgrade: an integrated Flux Capacitor system for time travel. Adding a whole other dimension of travel to a car is a hell of an upgrade, but the power requirements are steep… »10/21/15 10:15am10/21/15 10:15am

The Ford Focus RS Will Have 350 Horsepower, 350 Pound-Feet Of Torque

The 2016 Ford Focus RS is set to be a drift king—it even has a button for getting sideways. But now we know that to help with the slidey bits, the little but nut will pump out a ridiculous 350 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, which is way more than the initially-anticipated 320 HP, and up even from recent… »10/12/15 8:52am10/12/15 8:52am