How A Ford F-150 Aluminum Repair Cost $17,000 And Took A Month

Ford says their certified repair centers can fix the 2015 Ford F-150 and its all-new aluminum body “no problem.” But this crazy story of a month-long job and an unbelievable service bay bill — $17,000! — proves there are still some serious challenges to getting this truck back on the road after an accident. » 7/23/15 3:39pm 7/23/15 3:39pm

Ford's New Headlights Spot and Turn to Illuminate Hazards at Night

Self-driving smart cars might still be years away, but the technology that makes them so smart is already benefitting drivers. Ford is currently perfecting a headlight system that uses infra-red cameras to illuminate unexpected curves and hazards on the road ahead that might be invisible to drivers otherwise. » 7/20/15 12:02pm 7/20/15 12:02pm

You Can Now Get An Apollo-Edition Mustang Because The World Is Great

Special edition cars are often just motorized platforms to test the limits of human eye-rolling. There’s something about those Harley Davidson-edition F150s or the Fiat 500 Gucci cars that just feels like shameless brand-whoring. But not this one. Not these Mustangs made to honor the Apollo moon missions. These are… » 7/15/15 1:40pm 7/15/15 1:40pm

Ford May Be Developing Illuminated Body Panels

When it comes to auto design, I’m the equivalent of a creepy guy you might meet on Craigslist: I’m open to anything. For me, being boring is the most unforgivable thing a car can do, and that keeps me pretty open-minded when it comes to radical design ideas. So I’m very interested in this patent application from Ford… » 7/09/15 4:05pm 7/09/15 4:05pm

Don't Laugh, This Mustang II Saved The Pony Car

By 1973, the once-lean Mustang had become bulky and heavy, gaining a foot in length and nearly 700 pounds in weight. Responding to the disappointment of then-current Mustang owners and the general consumer demand for smaller vehicles, Ford’s second generation Mustang was designed from scratch to be smaller and more… » 6/26/15 5:45pm 6/26/15 5:45pm

Ford's New Full-Size Electric Bike Tells You Where to Avoid Potholes

For many people, cycling all the way into the city is impractical—so instead a combination of car and bike can be useful. At least, that’s what Ford thinks, because it’s the motivation behind this new full-size electric bike that can be folded up to fit inside the trunk of a car. » 6/24/15 11:07am 6/24/15 11:07am

2017 Ford Super Duty Will Have Seven Cameras And 'See Around Corners'

Ford is going to be pushing a lot of camera-based safety tech in their vehicles over the next couple years. Explorer and Edge will get 180º forward visibility with cameras mounted to both sides of the bow, while the 2017 Super Duty pickups will have seven cameras so might have a chance of parking it without clearing… » 6/23/15 6:35pm 6/23/15 6:35pm