Advertisement Staff Laid Off, I Start Saying Nicer Things To Ray Wert, Nick Denton

Rumors have flown all week about Forbes »11/14/08 4:20pm11/14/08 4:20pm planning to their division. Those rumors look to be confirmed by , though a spokesperson refused to confirm or deny those rumors to us. Though the auto site has never been a major player in the automotive news business, it illustrates a reality: less automaker revenue means …

Forbes Autos Drops Top Ten Luxury Cars for the Ladies

Forbes Autos is up to the list-making again, giving us the top ten list of luxe cars with the primary driver being a woman. While not as sexy as the men's list, the vehicles are more practical and comfortable, and packed with a lot more Volvos. Interesting to note that our favorite Saturn designer, Miss Vicki Vlachakis »1/28/08 10:15am1/28/08 10:15am

Triumphs of Techno-Geekery: Forbes Lists 10 Ten Nerd-Luxmobiles

Once you've decided the old Locomobile or YT-1300 freighter simply isn't on the cutting edge of technology anymore and are ready to take a mallet to the piggy bank in order to upgrade your motoring experience, you may want to peruse this list from Forbes, which list's Figrin D'an Lienert's top technological vehicles.… »1/22/07 9:30pm1/22/07 9:30pm

Jalopnik Outraged: Dan Lienert Disses the Chevy LUV!!!

Look, we're as post-modern, self-destructive and borderline nihilistic as the next guy, but there's a couple things we hold sacred. Chief among them are the inherent and timeless sex-appeal of any camino, the eternal glory of the Starion, the holy trinity of Clarkson, May and Hammond and the undeniable, ass-kicking… »1/06/07 3:30am1/06/07 3:30am

Jerry Flint: Crossovers Boring, Csaba Csera Really Knows His Cars

We sort of hate to pick on Jerry Flint, but we're sure as hell pick on the copy desk at Forbes. Csaba Csera? That said, in a rather obvious piece, Flint does make some solid points about the crossover trend, and the fact that it will eventually die. Hopefully its replacement will be cool wagons. Or, in the Loverman's… »11/22/06 1:30am11/22/06 1:30am

Selective Recollection: Is Toyota Getting a Pass on Their Recall Numbers?

At 10.7% of vehicles operating subject to recall, Toyota is second only to Ford as a mass-market automaker in that particular stat. Still, the way Forbes has stacked the numbers, counting Chrysler as a separate entity rather than as a unit of DCX is a little suspect (although it's worth noting that their recall… »6/22/06 6:15pm6/22/06 6:15pm

Size Matters: Forbes' Best And Worst City Whips For '06

Man do we miss Charles DuBow — since he left, Forbes Autos lists feel like it's "top ten" lists were written by a child — a very intelligent child — but a child nonetheless. They've just dropped their 'Best and Worst Cars For City Driving' and let me tell you — it's disappointing. Why can't we get a city "Best" list… »6/02/06 8:38am6/02/06 8:38am