You Have $4 Million, Do You Buy A Bugatti Veyron SS Or MiG-29UB?

What does four million bones buy someone with a massive velocity addiction? How about an ultra rare Bugatti Veyron Super Sport or a Cold War vintage Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum that's now for sale. But which one should you buy? » 3/05/14 11:46am 3/05/14 11:46am

Maximum Bob Lutz's Maximum Lotus Evora Is For Sale

When Lotus was under Dany Bahar's leadership, they did all sorts of weird things. They inked a deal with noted automotive maverick Swizz Beatz. They also introduced about 37 cars that Lotus was planning on building in the coming six years. But one smart thing they did was get Bob Lutz, everyone's favorite auto exec, on … » 1/22/13 3:40pm 1/22/13 3:40pm

Buy Carhenge now for just $300,000

Carhenge, the tongue-in-cheek tribute to Stonehenge assembled from old cars, is now for sale. For a mere three hundred thousand dollars you can take ownership of this popular (number two wackiest tourist attraction in America!) piece of postmodern art located near Alliance in western Nebraska. » 10/21/11 10:00am 10/21/11 10:00am

Chrysler May Sell Viper — The Brand

Bob Nardelli, Chrysler’s Chairman and CEO, stated this morning that the company has "been approached by third parties who are interested in exploring future possibilities for Viper," according to Automotive News. Apparently, rather than just dropping Viper, Chrysler is now “exploring strategic options” for the Viper… » 8/27/08 11:20am 8/27/08 11:20am

Aussie Wants $1.2 Million For Holden FX #46, We Choke On 'Roo Burger

It's one thing to sell an exceedingly rare and beautiful car for a big pile of cash, but what about just a rare car? Nobody is going to mistake this 1948 Holden FX — one of only 112 sold, and one of three thought to still exist — for any kind of concourse winner. It's just plain fugly in our opinion, but as they say,… » 4/08/08 1:45pm 4/08/08 1:45pm

Now You, Too, Can Own Your Very Own Professional Drifter

There's not much history to drifting in America... yet. Here's a chance to get in on the ground floor of automobilia by purchasing Takahiro Ueno's D1GP USA-spec Toyota Soarer (aka Lexus SC 400). With no drifting series for 2008 there is suddenly a need to sell the drift machines, making it one of the fastest ways to… » 3/26/08 9:30am 3/26/08 9:30am

Trivelle? Chevumph? Fuggit. Frankencar on Craigslist

Reader James hipped us to this post from the bountiful bosom of the Dallas-area craigslist. It's a '70 Triumph GT body fused to a shortened Chevelle chassis. We're not quite sure what the whole purpose of this excercise was, but since it's only $200 bucks, the money you saved by not buying a sensible car could go into… » 1/24/06 3:01pm 1/24/06 3:01pm