Boeing's Carbon Fiber Is Helping Protect Football Players

When industries form a symbiotic collaboration, that's always a good thing. Especially when it's environmentally friendly and helps protect athletes from debilitating injuries. Russell Athletic is developing new football shoulder pads, made from recycled carbon fiber used in Boeing's 787 Dreamliners. » 9/10/14 3:44pm 9/10/14 3:44pm

Detroit Football Fans' Anti-Nickelback Crusade Drawing Major Support

The resilient, rough chuckles-enduring people of Detroit put up with dog poop air, crime-ring moms, crime-ring stray dogs, fake Koch evictions, and 1,001 other ills. But they refuse to sit through a Nickelback half-time show during this Thanksgiving's Lions-Packers game. Uninspired Canadian crap rock is where they… » 11/05/11 7:30am 11/05/11 7:30am

The Paste That You Love: Rocket-Minis Skyward!

Paukert, attempting to shake his paste-consuming jones, spent some quality time at Winding Road HQ digging up this clip from some unknown Sci-Fi Channel show which encouraged teams of rocketeers to take BMW-bred Minis and attempt to to launch them through goalposts. Not quite as rad as Me 163s, but still, well,… » 10/17/06 1:30pm 10/17/06 1:30pm