Unique Performance Assets Going Up For Auction, Again

Though Unique Performance the company may be dead, the drama lives on. At least until Doug Hasty goes to jail, if that's what ends up happening. We mentioned earlier that an auction of Unique Performance equipment netted more than a million dollars, which was unfortunately only enough to cover taxes and not screwed… » 5/12/08 4:20pm 5/12/08 4:20pm

Unique Performance Ex-Employee Alleges Company Holding Out on Employees

It's not a big surprise to us, but someone claiming to be a former employee of Unique Performance has said that employees that stuck around until the end haven't been paid yet. Given that Unique Performance filed for Bankruptcy, we're saying the odds aren't great that they're going to get what is owed them. Full email… » 12/06/07 4:15pm 12/06/07 4:15pm

Fast Lane Daily Has A Bit Of A SEMA-ture Ejaculation With Chip Foose

Ashley Van Dyke over at the Lane that's Fast and Daily had a chit-chat today with Chip Foose where she doesn't even ask him what his promotional gameplan for Foosical: The Musical will be. Today's episode also includes a interview of Alex Zanardi by a man who's head is bald like a Gumball, has a last name of Roy… » 11/02/07 4:45pm 11/02/07 4:45pm

SEMA 2007: Foose Flexes His Ford Muscles, Reveals Customized Ford Flex

Just for SEMA, Ford's let two designers have their way with their new people mover, the Ford Flex. First up is none other than the star of "Foosical: The Musical," Chip Foose. He's put his personal touch on the Flex by dropping Foose Design 22-inch wheels on the feet, and Eibach springs customized for "a lower… » 10/31/07 11:45am 10/31/07 11:45am

Mustang, Redux: Foose Stallion Now Available At Ford Dealerships

We had some other things on our mind a couple of weeks ago, so we've got to apologize to the man, the myth, the marketing maven that is Chip Foose. Foose announced earlier this month his newest creation, the Mustang-derived Stallion, is now available for purchase at all sorts of local FoMoCo dealerships. The… » 1/22/07 3:56pm 1/22/07 3:56pm

Foosin' Camaro: Tag-Team '69 Ready for Closeup

Got $124,000 burning a hole in your Tommy Bahamas, pops? Time to grab up one of these Foose-Designed Camaros from Unique Performance. With the team shooting for a piece of the turnkey pro-touring market (that's the group making over old cars with modern tech), the six-figure'd '69s are likely fine cars, if not quite… » 12/26/06 4:01pm 12/26/06 4:01pm

In the Flesh: The 1970 Foose Dodge Challenger

Earlier this year, Foose Design and Unique Performance announced a teamup to build a limited-edition 1970 Dodge Challenger. Say hello to their little car. Production of the E-body throwbacks — which are built on the bones of original 1970 and 1971 Challengers — started midyear, with the first series model planned to… » 11/06/06 9:08am 11/06/06 9:08am