Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is Now Making Weird Sandwiches For A Good Cause

The Dale Jr. Special of bananas and mayonnaise on white bread has taken on a life of its own. We had a chuckle at the weird combo, and some of us even tried it. The consensus seemed to be “not bad.” (Personally, I think it may just need pork roll.) So, now Junior’s harnessing the power of Thee Sandwich for charity.

Ferrari F1 Drivers Experience The World's Most Perfect Food In Mexico

I’m talking, of course, about the humble taco. Putting delicious edibles in an easy to hold tortilla is clearly the pinnacle of human invention. Mexican Ferrari test driver Esteban Gutiérrez sat down to teach his teammates key facts about his country (such as “tacos rule”) ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix.

What Did The Ancient Roman Condiment Known As Garum Taste Like?

There once was a condiment completely beloved by the Western world, but today, it has almost completely vanished. It was slathered on everything, and everyone went nuts over it. You might be thinking it’s gone, but it isn’t. You can still get garum, sort of. If you try really hard, or are willing to pay for it.