Forzalopnik: Round Two, Group I

Today is Round Two of the Jalopnik Forza Motorsport 3 Downloadable Car Pack vote. Democracy, meet glorious hoonage and the art of commenter dissent. Voting ends tomorrow — now's your chance! Golden Tickets and semifinals below! » 1/27/10 11:00am 1/27/10 11:00am

Forzalopnik: Round One, Group VI

This is it: the last first-round vote for the Jalopnik Forza Motorsport 3 Downloadable Car Pack. Tomorrow's polling will pit yesterday's winners against today's, narrowing the ranks before the final vote on Thursday. Have a say! Cast your vote! » 1/26/10 1:00pm 1/26/10 1:00pm

Forza 3 Updates Car List, Gives Us More Hot Screen Shots

Another week, another batch of jaw-dropping screen shots from Microsoft's Forza Motorsport 3. This weeks travels brought back all the best from the JDM so they could do battle on the famed Suzuka Circuit — in a Toyota Yaris? Yes. » 7/01/09 1:00pm 7/01/09 1:00pm

Forza Motorsport 3: Le Mans Screen Shots, Partial Car List

Over the weekend, the developers from Turn 10 released these gorgeously detailed, high-resolution images of their new Forza Motorsport 3 racer, all but confirming the inclusion of the Le Mans famed Circuit De La Sarthe. [Update: one lap video] » 6/16/09 3:00pm 6/16/09 3:00pm

Forza Motorsport 2: Drift Squad Has Talent

This is in the same category as those kick-ass Guitar Hero players, but you've got to admit these Forza 2 drifters have talent. Check out their multi-car slide action after the jump. » 3/12/09 5:30pm 3/12/09 5:30pm