Watch This A-10 Buzz Some Light Aircraft On A Runway... Twice!

This A-10 gives a couple of light airplane pilots an awesome up-close and personal demonstration while attending the 2011 Toronto Air Show. Maybe the best part of the video is the audio, hearing how stoked those bush pilots are over the awesome ringing sound of the ‘Hog’s twin TF-34 turbofans doing their thing at full… »10/23/15 7:00pm10/23/15 7:00pm


The SR-71 Blackbird's Most Spectacular Flyover Was Also Its Slowest

One of the most legendary stories related to the SR-71 Blackbird has nothing to do with how fast or how high it could fly. Quite the opposite really, it has to do with how slow and low it flew, somewhat accidentally, the results of which was probably one of the most spectacular visual and audible moments in aviation… »7/23/15 10:24am7/23/15 10:24am

This Is The Lowest, Fastest Flyby Yet By A Crazy Libyan MiG-23 Pilot

Libya is in total chaos right now, with multiple air forces flying for different factions within the country. Yet it seems there is a MiG-23 pilot (or pilots) keeping his spirits up by pushing his Flogger to its low-level limits. This video takes the cake for the wildest low-level pass so far, with what looks like… »7/05/15 11:25am7/05/15 11:25am

Blue Angels Sprinkle Their Own Magic Over Disney's Magic Kingdom

The Navy's Flight Demonstration Team, the Blue Angels, performed their iconic "Delta Breakout" maneuver over Disney World's equally iconic Cinderella Castle today on their way to their next air show in Melbourne, Florida, wowing Spring Breakers by the tens of thousands. It doesn't get much more magical than that folks! »3/19/15 5:30pm3/19/15 5:30pm