Flux Capacitor Replicas Now Available, Plutonium Not Included

It's only taken 23 years, but the heart of the DeLorean is back in a mass-produced replica form. There's no more need to hound eBay looking for a Flux Capacitor because Diamond Select Toys is mass producing the nostalgic time-traveling device. The Flux Capacitor has all of the same lighting effects and adjustable… »5/19/08 3:00pm5/19/08 3:00pm

They Shoulda Started The Auction at $1.21 — It IS A Flux Capacitor

Great Scott! Our gadget-y brother Gizmodo took a second out of their day to drop the following piece of automotive history, comin' to us way back from the future — a land that time forgot — where actors like Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd roamed freely on the Earth. Just remember, although you can drop it into… »5/05/06 2:45pm5/05/06 2:45pm