For $36,000, SpongeBob Carrera pants

The 356-based Speedster was famously dubbed the bathtub Porsche, after its upside-down bathing apparatus-like appearance. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 911 Carrera is claimed to have once been waterlogged, but would that make buying it mean you'd be taking a bath? » 4/19/11 8:00am 4/19/11 8:00am

How To Avoid A Flood-Damaged Car

Given the flooding in the upper Midwest earlier in the year, and the fact that many folks likely chose not to escape recent hurricanes by car » 9/29/08 1:20pm 9/29/08 1:20pm, chances are better than ever that you're going to encounter a on the used vehicle market. Sellers are generally required to , but unscrupulous retailers have been known to…