This Is What It Looks Like To Flip On Your Car's Roof

Here's an in-car video from onboard Byron Defoor's roof-bound Highway to Help Riley-BMW Daytona Prototype, running at Daytona for the Roar Before the 24. It's one of the most bizarre videos I've ever seen, mainly because it feels like forever before the car hits the ground. » 2/12/15 12:15pm 2/12/15 12:15pm

Massive Rollover On Dakar Stage 7A Ends In Huge Fireball

No matter how well prepared you are, when the Dakar Rally bites you, it bites you hard. The El Martillo Racing Dodge Durango driven by Matthew Campbell found this out during yesterday's Stage 7A with a big end-over-end rollover that ended in a big fireball. Fortunately, everyone in the truck was okay. » 1/11/15 4:45pm 1/11/15 4:45pm

Driver's Ed Student Flips Car During Second Lesson

"Accidents happen," said the unfazed instructor of an English woman who flipped a Fiat 500 during her second-ever time behind the wheel. Must have been a helluva ride as she's already booked her next lesson. » 4/14/10 10:30am 4/14/10 10:30am

Avoid Death By Driving Out Of The Kill Zone

Tactical driver training focuses on one thing and one thing only: staying alive. This video gives an inside look at how armed forces and security companies save lives behind the wheel. » 4/08/10 4:30pm 4/08/10 4:30pm

VIDEO: Shelby Cobra Flips At VIR

We're not quite sure how you flip a low-slung sports car like a Shelby Cobra without even leaving the track, but this video shows doing just that is physically possible. Ouch. » 11/09/09 10:00am 11/09/09 10:00am

Rick Huseman Unintentionally Performs World’s First Truck Double Front…

Rick Huseman performs a perfect double flip in his racing Toyota Tundra in this video, making the difficult move look both easy and intentional. » 2/06/09 1:00pm 2/06/09 1:00pm