Once, You Could Transport A Car By Shoving It In A Boat And Then Strapping It To A Plane

Is there anything not to like about this? You get on a regular passenger plane, and can take your car — well, it seems, as long as it’s a tiny car like an MGA — with you, ready to hoon when you land. If this was still an option, I’d buy an old Honda S500 just to do this. Well, I bet I’d have to be rich, too. »11/19/15 11:30am11/19/15 11:30am


A Supersonic 'Mini Concorde' Business Jet Is Going To Happen

It was in 2004 at the annual National Business Aviation Association convention that billionaire Robert Bass unveiled plans for a new supersonic business jet (SBJ): the Aerion. Now at this year's NBAA, Airbus has stepped into a partnership with Aerion to literally get this project off the ground. »10/21/14 11:21am10/21/14 11:21am

Airlines Want WiFi So Bad They're Willing To Tear Entire Planes Apart

Today we learned that airlines view WiFi as integral to the whole "flight" experience as the very wings on the airplane itself, but it's one thing to hear about it from an industry perspective, and another to see that sort of manic desire for Internet in action. So watch United Airlines take this whole plane apart for… »9/23/14 10:04pm9/23/14 10:04pm

The Bristol Brabazon Was The Prettiest Piece Of Useless Scrap Ever

You have to admire a man like John Brabazon, not just for having an incredible license plate, but also for being the first person to fly a plane in Britain. And not only did he do that, but he also had a splendid plane named after him. A splendid, worthless, beautiful, useless, wonderful, horrible elephant of a plane. »8/23/14 1:06pm8/23/14 1:06pm

JetBlue's New 'Mint Class' Is Now The Nicest Way To Fly Cross-Country

First Class on domestic flights can be a bit of a joke, offering luxury commensurate with what regular passengers used to get. This Sunday, jetBlue will change the cross country long-haul game with the launch of their new Airbus A321. It's cheaper than most first class trips and, as I found out, nicer in many ways. »6/13/14 10:15am6/13/14 10:15am

Meet Amelia Rose Earhart, The Woman Who Plans To Fly Around The World


Later this month, Amelia Rose Earhart will circumnavigate the globe to raise awareness for the Fly With Amelia foundation, which provides flight school scholarships to high school-aged girls. She talked to us about the challenges of flying around the world and what it's like to be a female pilot with a famous name. »6/09/14 1:27pm6/09/14 1:27pm

Revolutionary Plane-Seat Armrest Design Will Stop Elbow Fights

It's possible the most contested real estate in the entire world is broken up into two-inch wide strips, upholstered, and then placed between seats on airplanes. The armrest. The precious, precious armrest. But who gets to use it? You, or that bastard to your side? This extremely clever design solves this problem. »6/04/14 12:07pm6/04/14 12:07pm

To The Pilot Doing Aerobatics Over My House: Bring Me With You

On weekends when I'm not racing karts or flying drones or generally messing about with cars, I like to sit next to a lake and read a book. It's one of the few things I like to do that doesn't involve some sort of motor vehicle, until now. A few weekends ago my ears perked up and my eyes lifted from the book spurred by… »5/25/14 2:51pm5/25/14 2:51pm

NASA Moved The Shuttle's 747 Through The Streets Of Houston Last Night

How do you go about moving the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft — one of the world's largest planes — through city streets? It takes a thousand-foot convoy of self-propelled trailers, and a legion of police and utility crews to move light poles, power lines and traffic signals along the 8-mile route over the course of two… »4/30/14 3:06pm4/30/14 3:06pm

America's Capitol Is Guarded By Norwegian Surface-To-Air Missiles

Every few years the Kremlin pounds their chest about their latest and greatest in surface to air missile (SAM) system, and how it's ready to protect Moscow. Yet even after the terrible events of 9/11 we really don't hear much about America's domestic surface to air missile-based air defense capabilities. That's… »4/03/14 10:00am4/03/14 10:00am