Bridge In Iowa Completely Covered In Flies, More Plagues Possible

I’m not sure what the hell people in Sabula, Iowa are doing, but they seem to have pissed off the Almighty an awful lot, because this infestation of shadflies (or mayflies, if you’re nasty) sure seems like some Biblical-grade plague shit. This video is from the Iowa DOT’s Facebook page, and it’s cringe-inducing. »7/24/15 3:25pm7/24/15 3:25pm


Giant Flies Of Le Mans Are Wreaking Havoc On Corvette Racing's Camera

One of the most unexpected things I’ve discovered from my first trip to Le Mans is that this part of France has heinous, giant flies everywhere, particularly on muggy, sweaty days like today. It looks like I’m not alone in total fly hate mode. Number 64, clean your onboard camera. »6/13/15 9:55am6/13/15 9:55am