80 MPG 400 HP '87 Mustang X Prize Contestant Heading To SEMA

When Doug Pelmear and his notchback Ford Mustang nearly broke the internet with his claims of some magical engine tinkering returning 110 MPGe (80 MPG) — while making 400 HP — we were skeptical to say the least. That "MPGe" figure is there because the car runs on ethanol, so the extra "e" on the end signifies the… » 10/30/08 10:30am 10/30/08 10:30am

What Bentley Believes: 17-Page CO2 Manifesto Has Been Read

Bentley is refreshing. Their ultra-luxe, mega-horsepower sleds, favored rides of autocrats, royalty and rap tycoons, are such a specialized product that the Craftsmen of Crewe can pretty much reduce their whole climate-change/fuel-scarcity strategy to a question of customer relations. I promised I'd read the white… » 3/20/08 4:45pm 3/20/08 4:45pm

SEMA 2007: 500 HP E85-Powered '34 Chevy Coupe

1934 Chevy Coupe. 2.0-liter Ecotec engine running on E85. 500 HP. Need we say more? Actually, yes, we probably should, but with all of the GM SEMA nonsense running up in this here site all morning, frankly we're just getting sick of it. We mean fercrissakes, SEMA hasn't even started yet. Whatever. Full release after… » 10/29/07 11:15am 10/29/07 11:15am

Lotus Engineering to Help Obvio Build Tribrid Sports Car

Brazil's Obvio is reportedly working on new "tribrid" cars. They're called that because they'll try anything for fuel — gasoline, bioethanol, natural gas, electricity, rainwater, caipirinhas, a thong-powered windup propeller, and large hats outfitted with exotic fruits. Of course, only variations of the first four… » 12/27/06 6:45am 12/27/06 6:45am

Obvio.US: Brazilian Flexfuel, Electric Cars Coming to the States

Flexfuel and electric-car aficinados (and Kermit the Frog impersonators) in the US will soon have their pick of Brazilian-built Obvio! cars. Word came down yesterday that California's Zap will distribute the green (literally) pod vehicles in North America. According to Green Car Congress, Zap has pre-purchased 50,000… » 7/21/06 5:28pm 7/21/06 5:28pm