Workhorse Engine of the Day: Ford Flathead V8

Since yesterday's Workhorse Engine of the Day, the Toyota R, inspired our readership to make so many good suggestions, we feel compelled to continue the series with today's engine. Suggested by commenter Joe_Bloe, the Flathead was built in the United States from 1932 through 1953 and beyond that in other nations,… » 10/05/07 2:30pm 10/05/07 2:30pm

Cue the Dave Alvin and Stoke the Flathead: The Pea Soup Andersen's Dragster!

We have an argument with the significant other. While we agree on the greatness of Californiana and think that genuine California writing is dismissed and underserved despite the fact that the majority of the way the world views the United States is often filtered through the poppy-littered, mountains-to-the-sea,… » 5/11/07 3:00pm 5/11/07 3:00pm

Ford Flathead Quotes Slayer: 'I Will Be Reborn!'

So a coupla flathead fans iin Saginaw, MI have decided that the time is right for new Ford Flattie block castings. And well, y'know, it probably is, since the flatmotor's popularity has soared in hot rod circles over the last decade. The last big flathead news (besides Ron Main's 300mph Flatfire lakester) was the… » 3/22/06 6:01pm 3/22/06 6:01pm