SEMA Show: Kids Love The AutoLoc Flamethrower

After watching this video of the AutoLoc exhaust-mounted flamethrower gleaned from our gadget-obsessed brother-site's co-coverage of some of SEMA's techie goodness, the only thing we're able to think of was this monologue from the Mel Brooks classic, Spaceballs: » 11/06/06 2:21pm 11/06/06 2:21pm

Ok, maybe that's not the only thing we're thinking —…

He's the Firestarter: Tailpipe Flamethrowers Making a Comeback?

Could hot rodding really be hot rodding if it weren't for a wee bit o' fire-breathin', tire-smokin', bumper-cover meltin' action? Some people don't think so, and while automotive flamethrowers have been around for years, they've reached enough of a critical mass that The Detroit Free Press felt compelled to report… » 12/08/05 1:38pm 12/08/05 1:38pm