Who wins when a fire hose and a flamethrower shoot at each other?

Rock, paper, scissors. Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, scissor beats paper. How do those holiest of rules apply to fire and water? Well, let’s blast a water hose at a flame thrower while the flame thrower is firing off at the water hose to find out. Guess who’s the winner? » 4/23/15 2:11pm 4/23/15 2:11pm

He's the Firestarter: Tailpipe Flamethrowers Making a Comeback?

Could hot rodding really be hot rodding if it weren't for a wee bit o' fire-breathin', tire-smokin', bumper-cover meltin' action? Some people don't think so, and while automotive flamethrowers have been around for years, they've reached enough of a critical mass that The Detroit Free Press felt compelled to report… » 12/08/05 1:38pm 12/08/05 1:38pm