Just How Much Water Can An FJ Cruiser Really Handle?

This FJ Cruiser dives right on in to a deceptively deep puddle, abruptly coming to a stop at the worst possible position. Hilarity ensues, and the carpets get a good rinse but I think the truck will fight another day. » 4/08/14 1:34pm 4/08/14 1:34pm

Did Faulty Trailer Wiring Burn This FJ Cruiser To The Ground-- Twice?

Patrick of Dallas, TX had been towing with his 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser for months, until a run with a rental trailer turned his truck into a ball of fire. Can we figure out what happened? » 3/25/14 6:30pm 3/25/14 6:30pm

Motorcycle Rider Has An Extremely Close Call With An FJ Cruiser On The…

If you're gonna engage in some high-speed vehicular fun, it helps to have excellent reflexes. This motorcycle rider is probably glad he did after he narrowly avoided getting killed by an FJ Cruiser who was on the wrong side of the road. » 3/06/13 2:29pm 3/06/13 2:29pm

Cruise The Land in a $5,650 FJ40!

The weather across the county has been pretty biblical this past week. If you want to ford the flooded boulevards, Nice Price or Crack Pipe thinks you might want to be driving something that could part the red-light sea. » 1/25/10 7:00am 1/25/10 7:00am

2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Looks like the 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser will be getting two new and pretty colors for the new model year, at least based upon these new spy photos we've been handed by the folks at the FJCruiserForums. The colors of these just-off-the-boat FJ's shot in Portland, appear to be what the forum folks have called "Brick… » 8/02/07 3:45pm 8/02/07 3:45pm

Paul Casey And Sergio Garcia Hoon Around In World's Biggest Sand Trap

When I was a kid, we had these huge sand dunes up north near Traverse City called the Great Sleeping Bear sand dunes. As a young whipper-snapper, I would play on those huge hills of sand wishing I were conquering the in my very own Power Wheels Jeep. Unfortunately, Michigan's DNR didn't allow any type of motorized… » 1/22/07 7:01pm 1/22/07 7:01pm

Oh, What Higher Prices! Toyota Edges Stickers Up On Seven Models

The front office in Toyota City appears to have said "Hai!" and green lighted the NorAm branch of the super best number one awesome automaker from Japan to raise prices on seven ToMoCo models. According to the Associated Press, » 12/15/06 1:49pm 12/15/06 1:49pm

This is a move we can only assume is meant to boost numbers on the automakers already…

Yahoo! Driver's Kinga Philipps Takes FJ Cruiser Out, Comes Back SEMA-…

Yes, we know Davey already drove the FJ Cruiser — and he did have a great review of a real off-road drive. But when Kinga Philipps, the Yahoo!/Current TV Driver channel's hostess with the mostest, took the FJ out into the "wilds" of ToMoCo's SEMA off-road course, it makes us stand straight up and pay attention in a… » 11/09/06 7:18pm 11/09/06 7:18pm

SEMA Show: Rod Millen Toyota Retro Cruiser

Slice an original 1967 Toyota Land Cruiser right down the middle. Add six inches of width and 10 inches of length. Stuff it full of the latest in Toyota off road engineering. The end result is the precursor to the FJ Cruiser concept. Toyota enlisted Rod Millen's skills to build this one off Retro Cruiser. Millen… » 11/02/06 4:10pm 11/02/06 4:10pm

Who's Gonna Save Us? The Annoying State of Cars

In 1990, I was in Dublin, Ireland. I was about eighteen months from my driver's license, and I had a crush on a girl. I bought Midnight Oil's Blue Sky Mining at the Virgin Megastore, which may or may not have been on Grafton Street. I think it was, though. All I know is that I was in some sort of puppy love and… » 10/20/06 4:30pm 10/20/06 4:30pm

The Zen + Math of Rock Crawling in the FJ Cruiser

An ex-girlfriend with whom I still have somewhat of a volatile relationship lives in Birmingham, Alabama. This would generally be rather unimportant, other than I felt like I needed to go and stare down the city she bailed on me for. So when Toyota offered me and three other various internet personalities a shot at… » 10/16/06 3:43pm 10/16/06 3:43pm

A Little TLC: FJ Cruiser Heritage Package

It's still a couple of weeks until the SEMA show, and we can already feel the growndwell of aftermarket craziness beneath our feet (or is it just the quiet guy in the downstairs apartment keeping to himself again?). The latest to come down the Jalopnik pike (i.e., inbox) is from FJ Cruiser goodies shop, TLC. It's… » 10/13/06 4:24pm 10/13/06 4:24pm

From Toyota to You: FJ Cruiser Gets TRD Package, Camry Hybrid Gets…

While we were in Paris enjoying various anise-based cocktails, Toyota's in-house tuning shop, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) released some dirt on its Special Edition package for the FJ Cruiser. According to ToMoCo, $7,265 (manual, $7,250 automatic) will buy FJ buyers a couple of key off-road performance options,… » 10/03/06 8:10am 10/03/06 8:10am

Toyota Recalls FJ Cruisers Due to Rolling Stock Issue

Former Jalopnik guest editor Dave Thomas (no Pere Ubu, Rocket From the Tombs or Wendy's jokes, please) is over at Cars.com's Kicking Tires, and as such, he kicked down the subsequent tip: Toyota's recalling a 9,000-strong crop of recently-minted FJ Cruisers due to a problem with the mounting of the tires on FJs that… » 6/29/06 7:15pm 6/29/06 7:15pm

The Buzz Bin: Dodge Caliber Overhyped?

New survey results from KBB and Harris interactive show new-car shoppers seem to think the "anything but cute" Dodge Caliber is being hyped to death (it was the fairy, wasn't it?). It's high on the new study's buzz scale, but low on the "I'm interested in buying it" scale — though strong sales belie such… » 6/02/06 10:33am 6/02/06 10:33am

Jalopnik Reviews: 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, Part 3

Why you should buy this car:
The FJ is an extremely capable off-roader. It's an urban style statement. It's an extremely capable off-roader that's an urban style statement. And it's cheap. » 5/05/06 3:05pm 5/05/06 3:05pm

Jalopnik Reviews: 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, Part 2

Exterior Design *****
It's so ugly it's beautiful. It's so beautiful— no wait. Although the FJ's front end has a wonderfully butch (if kinkily Playskool) H2-meets-old-FJ-on-the-dark-side-of-town look to it, the Toy's side profile is the strangest combination of angles, textures, shapes, proportions and lines I've… » 5/04/06 12:40pm 5/04/06 12:40pm

Jalopnik Reviews: 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, Part 1

Who the Hell thought of the Labradoodle? Letting a Labrador and a Poodle do the wild thing — on purpose — strikes me as about as advisable as marrying off Adriana Lima and Pee Wee Herman. Or, if you prefer, building a hard core off-roader and tarting it up to look like a hipster's Hummer. But hey, if General Motors… » 5/03/06 11:37am 5/03/06 11:37am

FJ Cruiser Spotted in Hell, Er, the Tri-Valley Area

You know, we did a decade in the East Bay, all of it on the east side of the Culture-cut Caldecott Tunnel, for which we got mad poo from the other punx. But c'mon, Aaron Cometbus didn't write a song called "Emeryville by the Bay" now, did he? Anyway, long story short, an FJ Cruiser was spotted in San Ramon, which has… » 3/07/06 7:16pm 3/07/06 7:16pm