ICON vs. ICON: Two 4x4 builders and the quest for identity

Jonathan Ward's sister Elizabeth isn't a car enthusiast. But she was thrilled when she saw a rugged, upright 4x4 with a canvas top, exposed door hinges, and an ICON decal on the hood. She posted a photo to Facebook and tagged her brother, whose company, ICON 4x4, is legendary for stuffing modern drivetrains and… » 11/04/14 11:14am 11/04/14 11:14am

TLC Goes To SEMA With A Trio Of Upgraded ICON Toyota FJs

Back before they became the enormous and bloated choice of bugeye sunglass-wearing urban white trash, Toyota FJ Cruisers were compact, capable off-roading machines. We told you about TLC's plans build up some of their old-looking new trucks with a trio of FJ's » 11/04/08 9:00am 11/04/08 9:00am for the floor of . They already build an FH40 version, but…

Building an Icon: TLC's Toyota Land Cruiser Replica

Though Toyota is launching its new, retro-inspired FJ Cruiser to rekindle the flame of the original Land Cruiser FJ40, affection for the original Japanese jeep has never really waned. TLC of Van Nuys, California has built a business around restoring old Cruisers and keeping customers' workaday models running. Now,… » 1/06/06 3:24pm 1/06/06 3:24pm