What's The Worst DIY Mistake You've Ever Made?

Today's question comes to us courtesy of a reader we'll just call Gregor. True, there are some green zip ties lashing down the front of our WRX. Though, the plastic bolts they replaced were actually inferior. So we can't count that. We do remember a friend with a mid-80s Thunderbird that carried 5 gallons of… » 7/04/07 2:00pm 7/04/07 2:00pm

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Parts: Replace Struts - Part 1

The history behind the modern strut type suspension has its origins in the United Kingdom. Henny Youngman would find a joke here. Something about Scotsmen, a Lotus, a spring, and a shock absorber. The punchline would be the MacPherson strut suspension. I love this crowd! The integral spring and shock absorber… » 4/27/07 1:30pm 4/27/07 1:30pm

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Parts: Replace Shock Absorbers

Without the shock absorber the modern automobile would simply flail about on its springs. The shock absorber is technically a damper. The shock absorber works to dampen the bounce created by bumps in the road and the weight of the vehicle acting on the suspension and springs. The less obvious yet more important… » 4/20/07 2:00pm 4/20/07 2:00pm

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Parts: Taken Apart

As we're off to Las Vegas for Mopars at the Strip this weekend and riding the red-eye out to the New York Auto Show next week, the Trail of Parts will remain apart until our return. In the meantime we would like to call upon our readers to suggest both useful and amusing topics for this ongoing exploration into the… » 3/30/07 1:00pm 3/30/07 1:00pm