The JDM 2009 Honda Fit Embargo Is Anticlimactically Broken

So in case you didn't notice due to our server hiccups on Friday, it looks like the walls of that there embargo on the JDM 2009 Honda Fit fully came a-tumblin' down at the end of last week — well before we're supposed to see it in person at the Tokyo Auto Show near the end of next month. Edmunds has the full scoop on… »9/24/07 10:30am9/24/07 10:30am

2009 Honda Fit: Now With More Embargo-Breaking Interior Shots!

Yesterday we showed you a few shots of the new 2009 Honda Fit. Well, the very strange looking man who runs the Hollywood Extra has uploaded a few more interior shots and one new exterior shot of the new 2009 model of Honda's econo-wedge, the Fit (Jazz) — still almost a month before the expected reveal at the Tokyo… »9/21/07 8:15am9/21/07 8:15am

Sources Say: No Honda CR-V Hybrid; Fit Version a Go

The folks at Edmunds Inside Line appear to have heard from their Deep Throat at Honda, who says the hybrid CR-V that's been the subject of wide speculation is a non starter. The system is more feasible for cars, is the word from above, possibly referring to a steeper price differential due to the complexity of making… »5/12/06 12:58pm5/12/06 12:58pm

The Gold Standard in Canadian Automotive TV Journalism: Fit or Yaris, Eh?

Wethinks that some of the editors over at Driver's Seat might've been spending a bit too much time contemplating the bottom of a bottle of Canadian Mist and not enough time paying attention to which red Japanese subcompact the hosts were yammering on about. In this spot about the Honda Fit, a Toyota Yaris is plainly… »5/10/06 9:37pm5/10/06 9:37pm