Tesla Motors Loses Arbitration Hearing To Fisker Over Stolen Model S Designs

According to Fisker Automotive »11/03/08 2:00pm11/03/08 2:00pm, the company has emerged the victor in a lawsuit that pitted the niche hybrid automaker against , the niche electric car automaker. The , brought by Tesla, alleged that Henrik Fisker stole designs for the for his . Fisker claimed this was false and, using a with Tesla, sought…

Fisker Lines Up $65 Million Investment For Developing Plug-In Sports Car, Legal Fees

After " spy photos »9/10/08 4:30pm9/10/08 4:30pm" of the Fisker Karma were handed out cataloging its "testing" earlier this summer, it seems Fisker Automotive has managed to secure $65 million in funding towards production of its mega-hyped super-hybrid saloon. Not only has Fisker gotten a hot moolah injection, but venture capital mega-house…

Detroit Auto Show: Fisker Karma Luxury Hybrid, Only $80,000

The big news today is the Fisker Karma Luxury Hybrid, which is going to come at $80,000 and deliver luxury style, GT performance and eco-friendliness. And this isn't a flight of fancy. This is a production model that will be produced in the fourth quarter of 2009 with venture capital funding by Kleiner Perkins, who… »1/14/08 12:45pm1/14/08 12:45pm