How You Should Feel About Fisker Depending On Your Political Views

Members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today took turns alternately hammering or defending the U.S. Department of Energy's loans to sinking hybrid manufacturer Fisker Automotive. Not much was revealed about Fisker's current status, but there was plenty of what Congress is best at: partisan… » 4/24/13 7:04pm 4/24/13 7:04pm

Fisker Kept Taking Taxpayer Money Even After Defaulting On Their Loans

Here's a nice warm thought in case you're an American who filed your taxes recently: soon-t0-be-failed luxury hybrid manufacturer Fisker Automotive was allowed to receive loan money from the U.S. Department of Energy even after they violated the terms on multiple occasions, according to a new report. » 4/19/13 12:40pm 4/19/13 12:40pm

Fisker Buys GM Plant To Develop Chevy Volt-Killing Mid-Size

Alongside Vice President Joe Biden, Fisker Automotive executives announced today they'll buy GM's now shuttered Wilmington, Delaware assembly plant to develop "Project NINA," an "affordable, family-oriented plug-in hybrid sedan." So, basically, GM's selling Fisker a factory to develop a Volt-killer. » 10/27/09 10:30am 10/27/09 10:30am

Tesla Motors Loses Arbitration Hearing To Fisker Over Stolen Model S…

According to Fisker Automotive » 11/03/08 2:00pm 11/03/08 2:00pm, the company has emerged the victor in a lawsuit that pitted the niche hybrid automaker against , the niche electric car automaker. The , brought by Tesla, alleged that Henrik Fisker stole designs for the for his . Fisker claimed this was false and, using a with Tesla, sought…