Bought This Yesterday; Nearly Died In The Process (1986 Porsche 944)

$1750 was the purchase price, drove it "home" 112 miles, even though it was recommended to me that I shouldn't do that. Probably should not have, and here's why... » 10/20/13 11:05pm 10/20/13 11:05pm

Memory Fast Lane: The 1991 Ford GT (Escort that is)

When I graduated from college, way back in 1991, I was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the USAF. Back in the day, we had to wait to enter Active Duty until we trained so we had to wait around for the Air Force to put us to work. My Dad found me an awesome job driving truck for a whopping $19 an hour, that's about… » 8/11/13 4:02pm 8/11/13 4:02pm

Shabby Dolls: An Ode to Beaters

Writing for Farago's The Truth About Cars, Lesley Wimbush offers up a love letter to the car most likely parked outside our place of residence (or was, once upon a time): the Beater. We recall our old Ford Festivas, Honda CRXs, Oldsmobile Firenzas or Buick Centurys in in the same way remembering the girl who kissed… » 7/28/06 11:08am 7/28/06 11:08am