Detroit's Under-Funded Fire Departments Use a Soda Can For a Fire Alarm

Where absent money leaves gaps, ingenuity fills in. Nowhere is that more true than in Detroit's fire departments, where, as Detroit Free Press reporter Tresa Baldas shows us, a soda can full of jangling coins and screws alerts the Motor City's long-suffering heroes when there's an emergency. » 9/06/14 9:20am 9/06/14 9:20am

Watch Two Fire-Fighting Planes Steal Water From A Lake

We've already seen a helicopter stealing water from a pool to fight a fire in Portugal. But when the Colby fire in California spread to over 1,900 acres, a little helicopter wasn't enough to fight the flames. They needed planes. Two of them. And seeing the way they scoop water up close is incredible. » 1/19/14 10:09am 1/19/14 10:09am

Why You Should Go See The Documentary On Detroit Firefighters

About halfway through the harrowing documentary "Burn: One Year on the Frontlines of the Battle to Save Detroit" there's a moment where multiple shots of derelict structures are shown to accentuate one of the biggest obstacles the city's firefighters face in their job — Detroit's 80,000 vacant buildings. » 4/05/13 4:12pm 4/05/13 4:12pm

An Epic Car Fire That Nearly Blew Up A California Gas Station Was Caused By Pedal Confusion

Cars are like, so confusing, you guys. Especially the part about the pedals. There's two of them! How are we supposed to know which one does what? Hell, mine has three of them, and a wobbly stick thing in the center console. I don't even know what's going on half the time! » 9/22/12 11:15am 9/22/12 11:15am

How To Do A Burnout With An Automatic Transmission, Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicle

Of course you know how to do a burnout. We all talk a big game when it comes to hoonage, but as we get ready for the Woodward Dream Cruise this weekend, we're sure there's got to be someone out there who might appreciate a simple instructional video. For this lesson, we'll be showing you how to do a burnout with a… » 8/15/08 2:30pm 8/15/08 2:30pm