24 Hours Of LeMons Arse Freeze-A-Palooza Über Gallery: The General's Troops

You naysayers who want to claim that the Geo Metro is really a Suzuki can go away now, because we say a GM car- albeit a Honda-powered one- won this race! The rest of the GM field was far from Camaro-only, which is always good to see; nothing against Camaros, mind you, but they've been pretty numerous in LeMons events… »1/09/09 2:00pm1/09/09 2:00pm

K.I.T.T.-Driving Werewolf Murders Mexican Cheerleaders, You Can Dance In Blood!

Near as we can tell, this video for the Sonido Lasser Drakar »11/28/08 11:00am11/28/08 11:00am song "82 Pontiac Firebird" shows a wholesome-looking refrigerator-white 3rd-gen Firebird that turns into K.I.T.T. when the sun goes down; meanwhile, the car's driver becomes a , thirsty for the blood of the Badly Choreographed Cheerleaders. Thanks to for…

Bullet-Riddled And Abused, Malaise Firebird Accepts Junkyard Fate

With the look of a car that spent a few years behind a double-wide outside Lodi, where it served as a convenient target for Schlitz-enhanced marksmen and bumper-jack-wielding yahoos, this Firebird seems strangely tranquil in an East Bay wrecking yard. I counted at least 100 bullet holes and at least that many empty… »9/15/08 6:00pm9/15/08 6:00pm

1967 Firebird Wears A Coat Of Orange Blossoms In West Hollywood

You don't often see a '67 Firebird convertible parked on the street, but SoCal-based SOS10 has managed to find what appears to be a Ram Air 400 car, complete with hood tach, Halibrands, and a layer of flower petals. Yes, that's a tow-away notice on the windshield, and no, we don't like the idea of this jewel getting… »7/07/08 5:00pm7/07/08 5:00pm